How to change cloudflare nameserver to godaddy's nameserver?

Hi, I am Keller. My sites are facing a huge problem. I changed my DNS content IP address to This error has been displaying for almost 3 days. And Cloudflare says just wait a little bit longer there is no DNS error in your site it will take some time to change happen globally. I followed the advice and waited 3 days. My visitors ask me question’s like “Does your site shut down?”, “When can I enter the site bro?”
“I can’t find your site?” “Do we need VPN to log in to your site?” and the list goes on. I am frustrated Cloudflare is not fast as their advertised! I want to change back to my default hosting nameservers.

Any tip for me? And don’t say anything like just wait a little bit. Bussiness not gonna wait for me!!!.

The site in your screenshot is working for me, and from every other IP address I can immediately use. Are all of the affected users in a particular country? Do you have any firewall rules set up?

nope man

What country are you in, and where are your users?

I am from Mongolia. So our visitors are Mongolians.

So, I can load your site just fine from Newark, New York, Amsterdam, San Fransisco, Frankfurt, and London. I know that’s a bit western-centric. Is it just that isn’t working or are there other names for the site?

There is no other name. I guess I need to stick with my default hosting. Thanks for the answer

Yes, shut off Cloudflare and see if it makes a difference.

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