How to change Cloudflare Nameserver at Microsoft Domain (Portal Office)

I’m buying Office 365, and get a domain on it at http://portal(dot)office(dot)com.
The default Name servers:are ns1(dot)bdm(dot)microsoftonline(dot)com and ns2(dot)bdm(dot)microsoftonline(dot)com but I only found TXT, CNAME, A, AAAA (IPv6 Address) on the DNS management.
I dont find any nameserver setup except TXT, CNAME, A, AAAA (IPv6 Address).
I need to change to Cloudflare Nameservers.
Somebody helps, please.
thanks by the way

You’re looking at the DNS records they’ve assigned you for that domain they gave you. But I believe that domain still belongs to them. Here’s everything I found regarding DNS for Office 365:

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I know it, but i dont understand why I still cannot find “Set up your online services” and choosing “I’ll manage my own DNS records
i`m still trying to find this :sweat_smile: I’m still trying to understand this
thanx for help

I see you’re not showing your domain name, but here’s what I think I know:

  1. Office 365 can include a custom domain
  2. That domain’s DNS is at Microsoft
  3. You can transfer that domain away after 60 days.
  4. Once it’s transferred away, you can run your own DNS.

With all that in mind, you can’t use Cloudflare on this domain until your 60 days are up.
In the mean time, if you need to add other services, like a self-hosted subdomain, you need to manage those DNS entries at Microsoft.

I’ve not looked for instructions on how to bring your own existing domain to Office 365, but that may be an option for those who haven’t already set up a custom domain at Office 365.

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