How to change back the nameservers?

Hello Community

I deleted my site from the Cloudflare but if I log in to my hosting service and if I visit the cPanel, I see that still the cloudflare nameservers are in use.

And I cannot change back to the original nameservers.
How can I make it? Thank you for your answer.

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Have you tried contacting your hosting provider?
If you’re not using cloudflares anymore you should be using theirs.

You change your nameservers at your domain registar (or if it is the same as hosting provider, then there right).

In the interface, don’t you have an option to select “default nameservers”?

Moreover, the old nameservers should be in the email you received from Cloudflare when the zone (domain) became active using Cloudflare.
Can you re-check your e-mail?

May I ask what is your domain name?


Thank you for the answers!
I tried to switch back to the original nameservers at my hosting provider but it did not allow me. I contacted my provider, I hope he can help me.

The domain is:

Best regards

That’s a bit strange.

From when I checked, It has your old nameservers - kindly wait for some DNS propagation time to apply the changes accross the World’s DNS servers:

For .hu ccTLD, when checking your domain

Maybe you should be able to change your domain nameservers at domain registar:

Your old nameservers (year 2020) for your domain name were:

Or back to year 2018:

Tarhely.Eu Szolgaltato Kft.

Thank you!
I contacted the provider too and he told me that he changed them back to the originals and in 24 hours should be everything ok.