How to change API token in WordPress

Hi, when I signed in the Cloudflare wordpress plugin, I entered the Global API Key instead of the WordPress API Token. I don’t know if it is because of this, I got this message:
Note: APO runs against the following list of hostnames

Now, in the wordpress plugin, how can I change the API token?

Is it displayed in the Cloudflare Dashboard? That’s normal.

Not really straightforward but it works: disable the plugin and reactivate it.


Thank you very much. I have now entered the WordPress API Token in the plugin. But that message is still displayed in both the Cloudflare Dashboard and the WordPress plugin.

How can I if APO is working or not?

That’s normal.

Refer to this


Thank you. This is the test result. Does it mean APO is not working?

Looks like it’s not.

Can you share your domain name?

Thank you. Here you go:

Checking headers with Web Sniffer, I see the following:

CF-Cache-Status:  HIT
cf-apo-via:  tcache
cf-edge-cache:  cache,platform=wordpress

That indicates APO is working.


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