How to chain 2 cloudflare accounts

We have 1 cloudflare account that is managed by the customer, from this account there’s a couple of subdomains that point to my application endpoints.

The thing is we want to be able to manage these endpoints independently, without waiting for the customer to make the required changes.

I’ve tried to create a new domain name (e.g. and add to my CF account. -> CNAME CF proxy (customer) -> CNAME CF DNS (me) -> CNAME application

But I’m getting Error 1016

You’ve requested a page on a website (xxx) that is on the Cloudflare network. Cloudflare is currently unable to resolve your requested domain (xxx).

is this far fetched thing to do?

Or I would need to manage this new domain in another DNS provider?

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Hi @pedro.gomes,

It sounds like you are looking for something like this if you want to manage those settings?

This is what we internally call “Orange to Orange”, one Cloudflare zone CNAME’ing to another Cloudflare zone via the Cloudflare proxy.
To do this, the origin zone (where traffic is going TO) needs to be an Enterprise zone and have SSL for SaaS. The origin zone will then need a custom hostname for the eyeball zone (the customer zone with the CNAME record). The eyeball zone can be any plan level.

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Alternatively, I did some testing.

We can do Gray to Orange, disable proxy mode on the customer account and enable it on our side.

However not ideal for my case, as the customer already pay the business subscription and benefits from more features than we do with the free plan. And all the rules would need to be migrated to our account.

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