How to catch buyers hiding behind VPN, VoIP number, Proxy?

I have an e-commerce store selling digital games and need a solution to buyers disguising their identity and not disclosing their true location. The number one problem is CC chargebacks and PayPal unauthorised access cases which 90% of the time win in the buyer’s favour because their IP or confirmed address might be different to what they have on their PayPal.

I know VPN’s are not considered fraudulent, though verifying the buyer’s true identity and location plays a crucial part in maintaining business.

How do I go about examining the buyer’s browser before allowing them to access the website? Is this even possible? I understand it will most likely be impossible to catch 100% of users. I currently have a risk score and IP monitor plugin on my website.

Any ideas and advise is appreciated.

Thats not related to Cloudflare.

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