How to Capitalize letters in CNAME's?

I tried to do everything with this discord cname stuff, and I dont know how to fix it, My discord invite link is I tried doing the encoding thing with v%5A%47%54r%59%42 and It doesnt not work.

Do you want to do redirect with CNAME?

I don’t think you can do that. should use Page Rule to do redirect instead.

I tried a Page rule, that does not work either. and yes Im trying to redirect.

This is what I got with a page rule:

What I get with Http:// and Https://
only it doesn’t work
If the images dont work, here are the links

for the forwarding URL enter exactly. What you pasted into the page rule was formatted in a weird way.

Doesnt work either, I dont know why?

You can’t do mixed-case in a CNAME target so that redirect.centre CNAME alias won’t work with that target URL.

The advice about using a Page Rule is the way to go - just remember to make the discord. record ‘orange-cloud’ as access to it needs to be routed via Cloudflare for that redirect to work. The actual target specified in the discord. record is immaterial as the page-rule should do a forward before it ever gets hit.

First things first, CNAMEs and redirects are completely unrelated fields. The former is DNS related, the latter HTTP related. So lets focus on the redirect bit here.

As Chaika already wrote you should most likely use a page rule. Can you post a screenshot of the corrected page rule?

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