How to cancel R2 subscription

I have a ticket open (#2827926), but I’ve only received an automated reply which was just stating the incredibly obvious and which I’ve already been through.

Can anyone explain how to actually cancel an R2 subscription. I gave their R2 a quick test, but it was giving transfer speeds from my servers at around half the speed of AWS S3, and that’s just too slow.

I simply want to cancel the R2 subscription (I didn’t actually realize I’d even authorized a subscription) so that I can then follow the process to cancel my Cloudflare account as detailed at…

I found a very generic help topic related to how to cancel a subscription at…

…but it appears R2 perhaps hasn’t been fully supported yet in the billing system, and there’s no option to cancel it. I simply can’t find anywhere to process it.

Thanks for any help anyone can give.

Thanks for sharing your ticket number. I have requested escalation to your inquiry. Someone from Cloudflare should reply here as well as on the ticket when it is reviewed.

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Hi, we have responded in ticket #2827926. We will go ahead and continue our communication through the ticket.

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