How to cancel Cloudflare Teams service?

According to Canceling Cloudflare subscriptions – Cloudflare Help Center, I should see Cloudflare Teams subscription under my “Active Subscriptions”, but i don’t have it in the list.
How I can cancel it?

Hi @linux,

Have you checked in the settings of the Teams dashboard at I believe that’s where Teams subscriptions are handled.


Thank you! I do see my plan under Settings / Account / Plan, but there is no way to cancel my subscription and delete payment details here.

If i’m not mistaken your payment method will be the same as the one on the regular dashboard billing: (that’s how it is for me). Pic from when you try to change the payment method on the Teams dash:


Now, on the Account settings page on the Teams dash, you should see an ‘Update plan’ button. Make sure you’re on the super admin account as regular Admnistrators can’t edit billing.


Many thanks, I was able to delete my payment method! :slight_smile:

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