How to calculate GB-s for workers unbound

Am I right in thinking that the memory allocated to each request is always 128mb, so that means 1 GB-s would be incurred from (about) 8 million requests that last 1 second, or 160 million requests that last 50ms?

In which case … assuming a request takes 50ms in total, would this be (roughly) correct?
160 million requests using bundled = $80 (160 x $0.50)
160 million requests using unbound = $24 (160 x $0.15) + $12.50 (for the 1 GB/s)

Or have I got the GB-s calculation wrong? I can’t see in the docs if it’s billed per ms/100ms etc.


A community member on Discord made a tool to calculate pricing which you can use:

Let’s say 10 million requests, 50ms and 10KB data (Workers Unbound pricing calculator) that would be $13.73

Ah that’s handy. Great, I’ll have a play with that. Thanks.

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