How to Cache New Website Pages?

New user here. I understand I can tell Cloudflare to “cache everything.” My question is how does Cloudflare know when I add a brand new page to my website? Does it regularly “spider” my site to find new pages? Does the new page have to be linked from a previously existing page so that it can find it? Maybe I’m thinking of Cloudflare too much like a search engine spider. I know I can purge the cache of individual pages. Is there a place where I can “add” a new page for it to cache. Thanks.

Cloudflare doesn’t crawl your site to figure out if there is new content. When a request is made to your site, it will cache the response.

I see. That makes sense. So, after adding a new page, I could be the first person to “request” the page by opening it it my browser, and that would tell Cloudflare to cache it, I assume.

Couple of things to keep in mine with cache.

  1. Cache time is not guaranteed. If your assets are requested frequently, then they will be evicted from Cloudflare’s Cache.
  2. Cache is per DC, so if you request the new page in New York and someone then requests it in San Francisco, it will not be cached for the second user.

#1 - not sure what you mean by “evicted.”

#2 - sounds like you’re saying that each Cloudflare server needs to cache a page individually. So, the first time someone requests a page from a specific server, then it’s cached for that server. But other servers will have to wait for their own requests. One single request won’t cache a page across the entire Cloudflare network.

#1 - By evicted this refers that the cached asset might be removed from cache before the TTL set is reached. I would suggest taking a look at this document for more information on cache eviction:

#2 - Yes, that’s correct. To improve the behavior of the cache you could enable Argo Smart Tiered Cache which is available to all customers. I would suggest taking a look at the following document to understand how it works.

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