How to cache 'Miss' JPEGs and Dynamic Content?

I’ve just setup Cloudflare and I’m noticing most of the JPEG files are showing as missed cache (its an image gallery based website so images make up the bulk of the pages) also Dynamic content doesnt seem to cache.

Any thoughts on how I can fix this?

  1. Cloudflare is a Pull CDN. Static content gets cached after the first visit through that specific edge cache server. If a file is infrequently used, or expires, then it gets evicted from the cache.
  2. Cloudflare does not cache Dynamic content by default. Caching dynamic content is risky, but can be overridden with a Cache Everything Page Rule.

Hi and thanks for the reply. I dont have much knowledge about how CDN works so thanks for informing me.
Regarding your point nr. 1, does this mean that as more requests go through the number of Miss cache status files will decrease?
I understand that Dynamic content doesnt cache automatically, but why are so many jpeg files being skipped?

Yes, the more requests you receive, you will generally see the miss rates go down.

Content is cached on a per-data center level, and Cloudflare has over 200 in operation Cloudflare Global Network | Data Center Locations, so if your userbase is globally distributed then you may see increased miss rates.

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