How to cache admin panel's contents without caching personal data

I want to increase the loading speed of the admin panel.
I heard that admin panel should not cache as it contains personal information.
But admin panel still use some common contents like images, font-awesome icons etc.
How can I set the page rules for admin panel ?

The common elements you describe are not the same URL/path as the admin page and should already be cached.


You can enable Page Rules for /wp-admin/ - but static files - on your domain like HTML, CSS and JS Minify, Rocket Loader, etc. Even Polish and Mirage works.

As @sdayman stated, should already be cached if so.

As @DotMrCode pointed few usefull links.

Here I provide a screenshot example of one of my Websites at Cloudflare - due to having other Firewall rules, security things, cache at web server and more (also it is on Pro Plan so it has got options like to setup Polish & Mirage):

One more example as I have on Free plan here:

Some stuff I do not have enabled again at my Page Rules like Minification options, Rocket loader, AMP URL, etc. because I have already enabled them for the whole domain at Cloudflare dashboard (using the needed Tabs). So, would be not neccessary to have them again at Page Rules added.

Moreover, if your wp-admin dashboard is slow, there are other stuff related to it, like the web server, host resources, usage, memory_limit at PHP, installed and active plugins, etc.

Here are more usefull information and tutorial using the Cloudflare also with WordPress:

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