How to bypass Super Bot Fight Mode?

We utilize PayPal which has notification system that calls back into our servers.

When I enabled Managed Challenge for the Likely Automated category, it ends up challenging/block some of the IPs coming from the PayPal ASN and severely delaying the processing of those transactions.

I tried creating a firewall rule that bypasses anything from the PayPal ASN and any request that has the PayPal user agent string but it doesn’t seem to be cutting it.

How can I get around this?

Thanks jnperamo. I can try IP Access Rules and see if it works.

The thing is, PayPal is listed as a Verified Bot on Radar, so why is SBFM stopping some of their IPs from their ASN? Shouldn’t that not be the case?

I’m worried now that perhaps it’s even stopping things like Google Bot for example?

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