How to bypass a virtual url

Hello, I hope you can help me.

I want to bypass the cache for all virtual urls of my website


Exactly how should i create a rule?

You can create a page rule. In the URL (required) field, put “*”, and use the Cache Level setting of Bypass.

I have thousands of urls, I need a configuration that works for all of them

If you don’t make a page rule(s), how is Cloudflare supposed to know what pages you want to exclude‽ :confused: The single page rule I suggested will match all the URLs you listed in your example. :man_shrugging:

What are examples of other URLs?

Im sorry, my english is not good.

La configuración que me sugeriste, realmente funcionara para todos mis artículos?

Quiero que todas las url después del titulo, no se guarden en la cache de Cloudflare, incluido “download”

Un ejemplo: https://mysite/article-title/ (solo quiero que esto quede en la cache de Cloudflare)

Are there other directories/paths after “article-title” that you want excluded as well? Putting “*” in the URL (required) field would match on the following examples for reference:

If you put “*” in the URL (required) field, it would match on the following examples for reference:

Ok! thanks so much!

I will try!

The problem continues, check this: Football Manager 2022 Mobile APK (ARM/Full Gratis) v13.3.2 - Descargar | HACK 2022

It is the page rule created

I, generally, don’t click Bitly links and used an unshortener to get the real URL. Anyhow, try the following in the URL (required) field.*/download*

That will match the following examples:

I think everything is going great now!

Thanks bro! you are the best! :sunglasses:

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