How to buy Pro plan for CF pages?

I do not see such possibility in the dashboard.

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I am not too sure, but I think Workers and Pages are billed together now?

I see Cloudflare Pro here:

But the link takes me to the Workers dashboard:

At that point, when I click on Upgrade plan, I see a Workers Paid plan:


Is this perhaps what you are looking for?

That’s exectly the problem is reffered to - Pro plan is not available in the dashboard.

In Pro plan you should have up to 250 domains per Page, but “Paid” plan in dashboard has no information about it.

Guys, need help!

Pages uses the highest zone plan you have so, if you have a Pro zone then you have Pages Pro. If you have a Biz zone, Pages Biz, etc.

If you do not have a zone on Cloudflare, I’d recommend buying a cheap domain and upgrading that to Pro.
The zone does not need to use Pages in any way.

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How does “250 custom domains per project” works? It’s 250 custom domains of one zone, or what?

250 custom domains per Pages project

Not clear yet. So i have a pages project. What should I do, to connect 250 domains to that project?

Add the domains to your Cloudflare account (they needn’t all be Pro, as Walshy said only one does) and then add them as custom domains to the Pages project.

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So if one of pages custom domains is Pro, then 250 domains can be connected to this page?

If one zone in your account is Pro, then yes. It does not need to attach to any Pages project. Just exist in the account.


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