How to bulk upload images to Cloudflare images & keep wordpress image urls

I’ve never used Cloudflare before and saw on one of Cloudflare’s help pages it says it tells you how to update your website images to use Cloudflare without changing the image urls. I would share the url but it tells me I can’t publish this post with it in here.

I can’t understand that page at all, it’s so convoluted and clearly written for developers and not normal people. It’s not even simply stated like step one, take this code and put it here. It may as well be another language to me.

I can understand well written instructions… I have no problem and I have done very technical things with my website before.

I also have no idea how to bulk upload 100s of images to Cloudflare if that’s what I’m supposed to do.

I paid for the image service thinking it would auto upload my images from my website and just start serving them from Cloudflare… this is really discouraging and I could use some really simple instructions and help please!

Thank you!

Also, given how difficult it is to understand their instructions I’m considering just getting a refund and setting my nameservers back to how they were. I couldn’t even find a decent video tutorial on youtube… just some guy uploading his images and creating different sizes. So if you have a video tutorial that helped you do this or easy instructions for setting this up (in clear and simple language) I would appreciate it very much.

So an admin finally approves my post (it was hidden for days) and they don’t even bother to answer when they clearly saw my post.

What lacking customer service!

Here’s the link I’m referring to btw.

You should be good to share that link now. What help doc was that?

You can add images to cf images from your site using the API

The Community can assist in answering questions. How difficult or easy it turns out to be is a factor of how much you know starting out and how much you want to learn. Are you familiar with making API calls, if not, do you have a developer for your site that can assist?

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I have no idea about API stuff… just entering the api code into sections that ask for it. That is all and no I don’t have a developer.

It shouldn’t be that hard… nor should the instructions be so unclear. It wouldn’t be that hard for someone with good communication skills to write step by step instructions that are actually clear for normal people.

I did ask questions. I asked for a direct and clear translation of the gibberish on that page (that I linked as a comment).

I also asked for a video that goes through it and shows step by step how exactly to do it. I could easily follow along on a good video.

Can you share a link to the help doc you saw? That will help me to understand what you saw and perhaps be able to interpret the gibberish.

The link on this thread above is a link to itself, you can see topic 418278 when you mouse over the link and in your address bar. (I was curious of you’d viewed the api page doc I shared or if there is another I am not familar with)

If you want to understand or reference the API details, this doc is good, Getting access to the Cloudflare API · Cloudflare API docs

But, I’d start here, Make your first API request · Cloudflare Image Optimization docs with making an API call. The parts in < > brackets are variables that are unique to you. You find that information on your Overview page in the Cloudflare dashboard for your domain. Lower right, will look like this

## API
### Zone ID
Click to copy
### Account ID
Click to copy
[Get your API token](
[API documentation](

After you’re comfortable with the basics, look at the Upload via URL · Cloudflare Image Optimization docs again and identify the parts in < > and replace it with what you know.

The code from that page will look more familiar after your first call and understanding where/what you put in what spot

curl --request POST \
 --url<ACCOUNT_ID>/images/v1 \
 --header 'Authorization: Bearer <API_TOKEN> \
 --form 'url=https://[user:[email protected]]**<PATH_TO_IMAGE>**' \
 --form 'metadata={"key":"value"}' \
 --form 'requireSignedURLs=false' 

Images is a raw repository for images that requires software development to use. Maybe someday someone will write a WordPress plugin that will work with this.

Workers is another product here that requires software development skills. Cloudflare offers a wide variety of product for different skill levels.

As a starting point, there’s nothing you have to do to have Cloudflare store (cache) and deliver your images, other than :orange: Proxy the hostname of your website.

I suggest that you cancel the Images subscription, and let Cloudflare handle your images in default caching mode.

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