How to build a set of Q&A pages via CloudFlare Workers / Pages?

Hi community members.

I’ve been a CloudFlare user for years, but I’m not a developer.
I was able to cobble together some CloudFlare workers for redirects by trial and error though and love how CloudFlare is constantly evolving.

I have a site template hosted via my CMS.
Via CloudFlare Workers (or Pages) I would like to insert questions and answers, and maybe later do that for a few related domain names.

I’m building an information repository, so instead of putting all of the questions and my answer into a CMS and manually moving things around, this is what I’d like to do.

This is what I’ll probably need in CloudFlare Workers.

  1. A database that has the fields: domain name, category (and subcategories?).
  2. A database that has the fields: question, answer, domain name, (sub)category.

I would like to simply add to the database whenever a question comes in I know the answer for.
I’d also like to drag them around so they maintain a certain order on the page, so they make sense for people reading the full page.

On the backend I’d probably need to have a page that allows me to enter

  1. domain
  2. categories (and subcategories) per domain and how they are nested.
  3. question and answer and attach it to one or more subcategories/domains.
  4. preview a page and drag Q&A sections around to the right spot so they make sense.

I’d then like to push this into my CMS template for SEO, or using JSON-LD (I’ve read Google indexes this as well).

I have no idea how to start this, or if something like this is already available.
I’ve been looking for days at recipes and sites but it’s starting to do my head in.

I think the closest I’ve come is how to build a to-do list with CloudFlare Workers.

Is there anyone that can help me get started or that has a better solution that I can just deploy out of the box?

PS. I tried two CloudFlare Apps for FAQs but they were really limited and didn’t really do anything for SEO.

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