How to block wordpress search results?

That’s good, feel free to merge the requests with 0% CSR into one.
In the meantime change the HTTP 1.1 rule to:

  1. Request method GET
  2. Threat score greater or equal than 5
  3. URI is eq /

Note that if they find out, they might change the request URI or Method, but until then, this should reduce the CSR greatly.


I setup as you say but now the csr of the http 1.1 rule has grown to 10%

In that case, consider increasing the Threat score or matching more patterns that are shown in your attack.

The threat score values that I’m giving you are wild guesses, Cloudflare is very obscure with this value and I guess that depending on the traffic that you have, certain threat scores are allowed while others aren’t.
Try increasing that value to 10.

Also by reading the stats I notice that my own server is trying to run the wp cron but it’s blocked, the majority of requests blocked are those from my own server… maybe the attack it’s over?

Oh, in that case, create a firewall rule that ALLOWS your server IP.

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