How to Block Warp

So I have a big problem, students have learned to use Cloudflare Warp to override our school’s network. We have a few savy students and they figured out that we use Cloudflare for DNS, and figured out that using warp overrides anything of our filters set on FortiGate. Warp just bypasses everything! (It’s a great feature, but in a school environment, it is wrecking havoc.

Are there any ports, that we can use to block warp, we also have the Cloudflare zero trust on our DNS, not sure if there is anything we can do there as well?

Any suggestions would be great.

Top block WARP you can block IPv4 range and IPv6 range 2606:4700:100::/48.
See also: WARP with firewall · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs

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