How to block this enormous direct traffic spike?

We recently received a huge spike in direct traffic with zero engagement time to our home page only, coming from all countries. Bots? Is there anything I can do in Cloudflare to prevent this? Thank you!

May I ask how did you figured it out? :thinking:

Very likely, yes.

Furthermore, have you got any caching configured and enabled at the origin server/host?

Are you already using Cloudflare for your domian? :thinking:
If so, have you got any security options enabled, like Security Level, custom WAF Rules, are you using a Free or a Paid plan for your Website? :thinking:

Some good Firewall tips:

A really good reference for further cases in terms of security and protection with Cloudflare:

Nevertheless, consider blocking some of the known “bad user-agents”, “crawlers” or “bad ASNs” using below posts:

Start with here:

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