How to block the access to the site for specific countries?

Dear community,

I hope you’re doing well and your holidays went peacefully!

I also like to express my gratitude and admiration Cloudflare, the platform is extremely user-friendly and a pleasure to work with and, in my opinion, the best of all your competitors. Thanks to you, I was finally able to create a decent website for my portfolio in recent years.

I would like to ask this marvellous community: how it is possible to block the site for users from one specific country so that they do not have any access?

Thank you very much again and I look forward to hearing from you!

You should be able to use Cloudflare’s WAF to do this:

That example blocks everything that isn’t from US or MX, but you should be able to remove the not and configure as you wish.

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Thank you! Could anyone with russian IP try to access to this site [Preformatted text](, please?

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