How to block stream access for specific countries?

When I use the provided player with Cloudflare Stream, an iframe is created and the video is delivered via the customer’s own subdomain:

<video poster="" src="blob:"></video>

I would like to prevent certain countries from having access to these videos (or in other words: access to this subdomain). Ideally I would like to have a redirect to a “standard video”, but a simple block will do too.

Naive as I am, I thought I could do this via Rules → Redirect Rules. However, this doesn’t work - I suspect because the domain doesn’t match the domain used for the videos.

Do you have an idea how to block access to these videos for specific countries?

Hi @mksolutionsuisse,

Thank you for this interesting case.
I am checking with the Stream Team, for some ideas, but I am unsure if it is something doable at the moment.

Please check this documentation as well:

I will update you via this thread.
Contacting the Stream Team via Discord may yield better results.

Thank you.

Hi there,

Stream Team is advising this would work:

Please check this out.
Thank you.

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