How to Block Specific Username to register on my site?

Hi. I have an user that the more i remove him from my list of registered users and the more he keep registering on my site. I’ve tried adding his ASN on ip block rules but nothing! I need to add his username in a blacklist. How can i do that? how does block users adding his username?


Why cant you block him by ASN? Does it change?

Blocking by username generally is not possible, as that is application specific. You could block requests with certain strings in the request, but even this highly depends on your application.

Whats the URL and what would you like to block in detail? Be as specific as possible!

i’ve already tried to block him by ASN. But i think he changed his ip address to bypass it.

my website url is
I would’d block a specific username cause he just want hit my site with requests.
He keep registering with the same usernames, he uses 3/4/5 usernames at the time and register 3-4 usera at the time. he just change name but the surname its the same. i don’t know what to do…

Your registration page seems to use a POST request. That is something you could only block via workers I am afraid.

My advice would be, you block it straight in your application code.

Take a look at the screenshot: Screenshot by Lightshot

What should this screenshot suggest? You best block this in your application code. Alternativel you can deploy a Worker where you filter for these requests.

So the only method would be via htaccess?

No, you can deploy a Worker too. You could also change the POST request to a GET one and then use Cloudflare firewall rules.

I don’t know how Worker does it works. :frowning:

But again, you best handle this on your webserver.

Ok thank you so much for the infos sandro.