How to Block Some website with Cloudflare

Dear all friends here,

in my Country Indonesia known website as, this web is very annoying almost all of blogger and webmaster.

A case is, this web is auto visitor bot, which is damaging website perfomrmence.

and here i just want to know, how to block this web access to my blog with Cloudflare firewall rule

some one help me!!

Can you post a snippet from your access logs?

here did you mean?


and i have created some firewall rule like this one, but i’m not sure that will works correctly

Why not just block the Bot?

i have block a bot, but all bot like google bot also blocked

Sorry, I should have read your entire post. What type of bot are they using? It should be listed in your logs and you should block them with Robots.txt. Then got to Bing/Google etc. and in webmaster tools, disavow the offending sites.

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