How to block setup a scrape shield to block specific IP from hotlinking

Several rogue websites are hotlinking images on our website. The scrape shield works great by blocking hotlinking but it blocks social media and newsfeeds as well!

Is there a way to impose a scrape shield on specific IP addresses?

If you know the IP address, then you can just block that IP through the firewall.

Hi Cyb3r-Jak3

I have tried to block the scraping website using expressions containing the domain and the IP address:

(ip.src eq

(http.referer eq “”)

Neither the IP nor the domain expression works, and the rogue website continues to hotlink our images.

Am I doing something wrong?

Please advise.

When someone hotlines an image the up address of the server with the html code has no impact. The image isn’t being served by them it is being called by the end user who has loaded the html.

Thanks for your input, cscharff

Adding IP or domain expression blocks in Cloudflare do not work. I have also tried adding code based on IP and domain blocks to the htaccess file without any success.

The only thing which works is activating the scrape shield in Cloudflare. Unfortunately this also blocks images on some social media sites.

Is there any way to make the scrape shield IP or domain specific?

Please advise.

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