How to block Rule ID

Hello everyone, I want to know how to block Rule ID or not, thank you


iuam could be that you have got Security Level value set to too high, or rather you enabled the “I am under an attack!” mode for your site?

Could you please re-check this, just in case under the Firewall → Settings → Security Level?

Furthermore, maybe you have set a custom Page Rule with this value.

Or, generally enabled this option at the Overview tab of Cloudflare dashboard?

If it’s challenging your origin host / server IP, you can add it to Firewal Rule / IP Access Rules to “allow” or “bypass”.

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Ok thank you please I attack come through
HTTP/3, will it be a problem if you block it?

I am not familiar with HTTP/3. Blocking HTTP/3 (even HTTP/2 and HTTP/1.1) could resoult in a wrong approach as blocking normal users as far as Google Chrome already supports it and even other web browsers like Mozilla Firefox implementing it and pushing forward.

May I ask you to share some screenshot with us here of your blocked Firewall Rules using them and what is the user-agent of them, even the request they are trying to access?

Maye you are challenging normal traffic and normal users, and this is not an regular attack?

But, I have seen enough bots and crawlers using old HTTP/1.0.

Kindly, see below useful article:

may I suggest you reading articles from the below:

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