How to block kiwi browser user accessing my website?

Kiwi browser for android is now very much destructive for webmasters.
Because it provides many hacking functions for its users.
We can’t take steps from our end.
I request Cloudflare to solve our problem.
How can we block kiwi browser users?
Thanks in advance

Well, that appears to be a Chrome browser which advertises “Kiwi” in the user agent. So the following firewall rule should do the trick.

Whether it’s a good idea to block a browser certainly is up to you and your personal use case.

I have already tried this but it’s not blocking or maybe not working. :pensive:

What’s the domain? And post a screenshot of your firewall rule list.

Blocking by User-Agent is not going to be very effective against a “hacker”. A few moments after you implement the firewall rule they will figure out what you have done, and just clone the UA from Chrome, and the rule will stop working.

How do you know that this is an issue with Kiwi Browser? Is this a security issue, or are you worried that you will loose ad revenue due to the privacy protections they implement?

I can’t share the domain but still can access also give you a hint.
Kiwi is a chromium-based browser so it’s uses chrom user-agents not a specific user agent like its name Kiwi.

I said the list, not the rule.

Also, if your server is not configured to only accept Cloudflare connections, they can simply connect directly.

Yes, you can say this. They are impacting my ad revenue and also mpacting my tool.
I just do not need this browser user.

Well, you either have the wrong rule order or they are connecting directly.

Rule order should be okay, so I’d double check if they are not connecting directly. Only IP addresses from should be able to connect.

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