How to block Google Proxy Servers

Hello. Our site has been getting hit by IPs that when I perform an nslookup it appers to be a google-proxy server. For example, this IP address: after an NS lookup returns this:

Now I want to block all requests from any IP or server that starts with google-proxy-etc.etc.etc. WITHOUT blocking the actual Google bot agent servers. Can someone help me how to create a rule that will achieve this? Again, I want to block all malicious requests from “google-proxy…” without affecting the Google bot severs. Thank you.

You can block the ASN, but permit their bots:

Thanks. I gave this a try and I can see the Google bots are still getting through (good). I will keep an eye out to see if the proxy ips are now blocked. Thank you in advance for your help and detailed solution. :slight_smile:

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