How to block everything after `` path?

Tried using url path and url full in firewall rules, but still not seeing the correct results. I must be doing something wrong? I want to block ALL visitors from reaching ANY pages/paths AFTER the normal domain name, EXCEPT for a few IP addresses.
So preferably some wildcard expression that will block everything that comes after

Hi there,

I believe this rule should achieve what you are looking for, you may want to create this rule in ‘Log’ mode to ensure it does not have some unexpected consequences, and you can view under the security ‘Events’ section and filter by the rule ID to see how the rule is performing.

You are able to use under the ‘IP Source Address’ the ‘Is in List’ in order to have a list of IP addresses.

Let me know if you have any issues

@Damian, thank you, that did the trick. Now I really need to learn regex!

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