How to block empty user agent

I’m wondering how to block empty user agents, which is a source of many of DDoS attacks to my server.

While adding new rule User Agent Blocking rule in Firewall tools, leave the field blank, I get this error:

firewalluablock.api.unknown_error (Code: undefined)

So I appreciate if you specify how to define the rule. Should I use "" or a regexp like ^$ or something else?

[FirewallTip] Agent: incognito is your friend.

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Actually my WAF was active and I see that 100001 Anomaly:Header:User-Agent - Missing is set to Default while I was set the pages on I'm under attack but that did not seem to avoid the attackers to post using empty strings and crush the server. So I want to block empty user agents them explicitly.

You simply change the rule.

This is a sort of solution but does not really answer my original question. I’d like to be able to explicitly define the rule without appealing to a sub option of WAF.

Ehm, that’s exactly what I addressed in my very first response already.

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