How to block Domain registrar Lookup

Hello there,
Please can someone know how it is possible to block a domain name from lookup, Not showing the domain registrar completely, for example when searched on any whois site, I do not mean Whois guard. Your responds will be grateful.


Almost physically impossible. All registrars are required to run a WHOIS service:

the registrar will provide public access on a real-time basis (such as through a Whois service)

Even if CF decided to forego a WHOIS service, it would be pretty easy to know CF is hosting a website via the nameservers ending in or they resolving to CF owned IP addresses.

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I’d almost drop “almost” :smile:


Actually I have some domain names, I have checked and you cant find the whois, so it is very practically possible it give messages like this ( Invalid domain name…

We are unable to perform a lookup for . It appears to be an invalid or unsupported domain extension. )

Can you post these domains? is a bad example (no pun intended) as that domain is literally defined as a example domain, and yet even that domain has an whois entry.

I used just to point where the domain shows in the error message, not like thats the domain in question

So which are these domains you mentioned then?

Seems that the block isn’t working…

Lookup works without issues

So yes, you cant prevent whois lookups

You can try this as well,

Just because isn’t pulling PH domain names from the Philippines registry, doesn’t mean it’s blocked from any lookups.

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And? It clearly says it does not support that TLD. Whois obviously works for .ph as well.

I now fully understand, thanks so much for your responses and assistance. I appreciate. In conclusion, only hosting registrars can be hidden ?