How to block country from accessing website?

Hi, I had applied the Firewall rule to block a country from accessing my website, however, when I test it using, I still could see the website load in a different country. Please help.

Having a bunch of “AND” statements won’t work since can only be a single country at one time. You should use the “is in” operator instead.

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Thank you. What if I want to redirect the visitors from those blocked countries to another website? What rule should I put in?

The firewall only blocks or passes. It does not redirect. If you’re on a Paid Plan, you could use Firewall -> Tools to block by Country, then create a Custom Error Page for Country Blocks.

Thank you, but the custom page could only be 1.4 MB in size. What if I want to redirect people from a geographic region to my facebook page?

The only way I can think of this working is with a Worker:


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