How to block cloud providers like Linode?

I have searched for similar posts but still want to ask what is the most practical method of blocking traffic coming from cloud providers like Linode?

If its only possible by blocking ASN network, then which website has the best info to check these ASN’s?

I want to block ALL traffic from Linode, don’t care if anyone may be using a VPS there and surfing the web. Until now I have ONLY seen bad traffic, hacking, bruteforce, port scanning etc…etc…

To block the entire ASN;

  1. Lookup ASN on site such as or just take it from your web logs under Security, Events, Activity log - AS48337
  2. Block ASN AS48337 on all websites in account - Security, WAF, Tools

There are many ASN’s / countries that only seem to give 100% bad traffic and others such as TOR that probably deserve total blocking as well, sites such as Bad ASes — Silent Push Threat Intelligence give you a good starting point of ones that need blocking

See also GitHub - brianhama/bad-asn-list: An open source list of ASNs known to belong to cloud, managed hosting, and colo facilities.


@paul32, thank you! Added some rules to the WAF, already seeing results, thank you again!

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