How to block by ASN numbers all CloudFlare proxies? - need reply from the staff

Some Russia-based forum-spam-software service is distributing the following list of ~3K Cloudflare IP:port addresses for their customers in their Telegram group. This list is the alive proxies to use with their forum-spam-software (like Xrumer, etc.). How to block all such servers of Cloudflare by ASN, I need the full list of this servers ASN numbers, please.

Also, take an action against this users, who paid for this IP addresses to Cloudflare!


Part 2:


Part 3:


Cloudflare’s IPs and ports aren’t a secret, they are given here…

Without hostnames, the Cloudflare IPs themselves won’t go to any websites.

(many of the IPs in that list aren’t even Cloudflare ones).

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I need the ASN list of servers which are used as alive proxies. Seams that this links are not providing this segregation.

So look up the ASN used by the IPs. Clearly your fingers aren’t broken since you have been posting here. While most of us try to be genuinely helpful, the Community is not here to provide free labor for you. If you don’t know how to look up an ASN, just ask, and someone may be kind enough to teach you.

Please, stop using personal offensive approach. I need the ASN list of servers which are used as alive proxies. Not all IP ranges on IP Ranges are used as proxies or intended for that purpose. So, I am asking the staff to show the list of servers which were rented and used as proxies in my list.

Cloudflare does not give that information. Any or all of those IPs could be used for the proxy, Spectrum, health checks, log push or any other features and they exist across a number of ASNs.

Cloudflare does not rent servers to customers. IPs are anycast so don’t relate to a physical location or hardware.

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You misunderstand what an ASN is and how it works. Neither Cloudflare staff, nor anyone else can provide you the non-existent ASN you request. Cloudflare staff wouldn’t be responsible to provide you with such information even if it did exist.

An ASN is an autonomous system number that represents a collection of network addresses. It doesn’t represent individual malicious hosts nor does it contain disparate networks. If you block an ASN, you block all networks that it routes.

So, I need the list of CF IP ranges which can be rented (without physical server renting). Some of the IPs are used on free accounts, but in my case there are ~3K IPs. Seams that they were rented. No need for you to reply without any practical solution. As I said I am asking to the staff. resolved as CF’s AS13335. So, all IPs in AS13335 belong to CF.

Then you probably want to open a support ticket.

I do second’s statement however, your approach to the issue, the question, and the overall tone is somewhat peculiar.

Well :man_shrugging:t2:


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