How to block an IP Range From Singapure

Hi …. these days I have a lot of traffic from Singapore and amazon servers ! I take 1 hit per 3 sec ! I want to block this country and the ip’s from the datacenter ! I have try the firewall but i think is not working !
Is any one else that have the same issue ?

If you are blocking that range you dont really need the “Country equals SG” part as well, unless you want Amazon traffic from the rest of the world, you could just block Amazons ASN

About large proportion of our firewall hits, and most of the mass attack attempts, are from Singapore but as its not an area we do business in we just block Singapore as a country

1st thanks for your fast reply ! :slight_smile: I have added this to the firewall but it still takes hits from this range and country ! so how it work ?

Ok my problem it solved.
I just install the WAF on my server and i add the range of the ip ! and the issue that it come from amazon server in singapure it stop !

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