How to block an IP address that is false?


Hi community,

I’d been enjoying fewer brute force (aka failed login) attacks since adding the IP addresses individually to my block list.

Today, however, I got a few from an address that doesn’t look like an address:
IP Address: 2001:41d0:52:cff:0:0:0:13c0
Reverse IP: False

Nothing at all came up when I Googled it to see if I could block the country of origin.

Does anyone know how I block this?

Thanks for any suggestions,



That is an valid IPv6 address. You can block it in the IP Firewall and you can also use the protect my login rule (or a custom rule) in Rate Limiting to block such attacks more broadly.


Hi cscharff,

I know a little about IPv6, but didn’t realize this address was one! Duh. I think what stumped me was the fact that nothing at all came up when I entered it in Google search. The older IP versions always came up with pages of information about location, abuse, etc.

Regardless, thanks so much for explaining this and telling me another more efficient way to block this sender. Will add it now and then explore Limiting for a more efficient solution (hadn’t known about it before since the rules feature kind of confused me…not too technical, I’m afraid).

I appreciate your quick response as well as your practical suggestions.



No worries, the first time I saw an IPv6 address I thought it was entered by drunk monkeys. :monkey:



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