How to block all traffic from Tor?

Hi all.
I am getting hateful comments from Onion Network (Tor).
So I want completely block traffic from Tor to my website.
I have set Firewall rule that checks Country and if Tor (T1) then block.
But I have downloaded Tor Browser and I can visit my site through Tor.
How to block completely all traffic from Tor (on free Cloudflare account)?

Thanks for any helpful reply.
(Sorry for my english it’s not my native language)

My Firewall rule:

I am getting popup that blocking by Country at “Firewall/Tools” is not available on free account.

I have tried to visit IP checking website in Tor Browser and there is tor exit node IP. Then I am visiting my website in Tor Browser and it’s not blocked but should be.

About my domain I prefer to stay private.

I have only one firewall rule posted above.
Maybe I should wait some time because rule needs propagation?
Or add the second rule that checks if country field is empty?

I will try to check this from other computers/locations.
And I should look at Tor Browser settings.

Thanks for interest in this topic.

I am getting Captcha and then:
Your public IP address”.
(This is not my real IP)

uag=Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:60.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/60.0

I have cloudflare nameservers and two DNS records:

A     | | My hosting IP | Proxied
CNAME | www         |   | Proxied

I just did a test using my domains, and for 4 of them I got different countries as location, even after I visited them again after it being recognized as Tor on the 5th domain.

The problem seems to be that Tor will generate a different IP each domain you visit, and every time you refresh revisit a page, and some IPs may not yet have been recognized as Tor by Cloudflare.

And since Tor IPs keep changing, blocking Tor blocking is not guaranteed to work 100%.

@iamdavid_f, perhaps you should challenge all countries other than the countries where most of your visitors come from.

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