How to bind an VPS to a subdomain

Hello! Right off the bad my english is bad, so sorry. I have a VPS, if you go to the ip everything works. I indicated the type of record A, then the name of the subdomain, and in the DNS ip VPS. But a long load and an error when opening a domain. I would be grateful for your help.

So you already added an A record in the DNS, so I guess you need to check the VPS whether port 80 and 443 is open and accepting traffic.

Anyway, what’s the error code?

Yes, the server is running on port 80. And as I said, it opens, but directly via the ip. Not by domain. Subdomain connection error is common - connection error.

Are you using proxy via cloudflare (orange icon)?
And did you installed SSL, did you redirect http to https?
Did you add domain to your virtual host on your VPS?
Please show us capture of error.

Did you configure Virtualhost properly?

Yes. Yes. If you are talking about cloudflare dns records for a domain, yes, but I don’t know. Which mistakes? Page loading connection errors? The domain itself works through the cloudflare without problems, but the application does not work on the VPS if you open it through a subdomain. Through the subdomain for which I indicated in the dns ip vps.

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