How to be removed from blacklist?

We have a license service going, and a lot of customers using this license service.
Suddenly customers, hosting their services on Cloudflare are stopped from using it because Cloudflare blocklisted our service domain… Since it seams to be near imposible to get hold of anyone who can answere for why we suddenly should end up beeing blocklisted, I ask here if any one have a trick to solve these kind of things.

It is not good that signed domains suddenly shall be blocklisted like this
(and of course there should be a possibility to get a explanations, and way of solving these kind of things… it cost a lot when our services goes down due to things like this!!!)

What is the domain?

Your domain is marked as blocked for users of and

The reason is likely shown here…

You can raise feedback here…

I have been into the radar page a couple of times today, and marked our site as something else.

The disturbing thing is that tags like that can be added to our site just like that, and there is seems like no filtering mechanisme or checking…

Any knowledge about how long time it takes to get feedback on retagging ?

As this is not a website, but a licensing service, It can’t be viewed, but only used by our software… !

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