How to be fast on other continents

Hi, I got a dedicated server in Germany and my site, with Cloudflare free plan, loads in 0.5-1.0s in Europe.

I thought Cloudflare would automatically mean fast loading times in USA, but my site loads in 5.5-6.0s from there. I also got Australian traffic so I need solid loading times from there as well.

Which feature could help me achieve faster loading times in USA and Australia? Is there a free one that can help? Or one from the Pro ($20) plan?

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You could try Argo. It’s usually the HTML part of the site that takes longer to load since it’s not cached by Cloudflare. But it really depends on what’s really slowing the site down. If you post the domain name, we can run some waterfall tests to see what’s going on.

Domain name is and it seems to be lightning fast in Europe.

Upon repeated tests, I can see that long distance seems to be the factor. For every resource that’s not cached, it just adds on to the load time. 2 seconds for the home page, which delays other resources that then take another few seconds because they’re not cached, then once or twice more as items are queued up.

After enough reloads, those caches in US and Australia eventually load up and it speeds up, but it takes many visits before this happens. I’ve been testing through Hong Kong and can get it below 5 seconds.

As I said earlier, Argo could help here, but it’s billed by usage which might expensive. It routes your data through more of Cloudflare, making that faster, and offers Tiered Caching, so it won’t always have to go back to your Origin to get files.

You can also add a Page Rule to match* and set Edge Cache TTL to 1 Month. It doesn’t guarantee that your static files will stay for the entire month, but it could help.

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:wave: @dan.horvat,

As @sdayman mentioned Argo may help, but at some point the speed of light becomes a limiting factor. If content isn’t cached at the edge (which HTM is not by default) then a request from halfway around the world is limited in responsiveness by the physical laws of the universe.

So caching pages which don’t serve dynamic content along with Argo or possibly load balancing with multiple geographically distributed origins can be used to improve performance.


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Thanks. I have added a page rule for edge caching with TTL 1 month.

Should I look to reduce the number of HTTP requests or does Cloudflare take care of that anyway?

This page makes 69 HTTP requests and loads in under 1s in Europe, but I don’t like the waterfall, there are many elements (mostly local .js) that aren’t being loaded asynchronously and I thought Cloudflare would take care of that for me.

When I use to test from San Francisco, load time is 7.29s with these five resources being responsible for most of that time, 3.91s for 60 Kb:

Why is the “wait” time so long for each of these files and how to fix that?
Why aren’t they being loaded asynchronously while the others are?

Those .js files will eventually be cached. When Iook at sugar-custom, it loads in 145ms when cached.

I see you already have Rocket Loader enabled, so that’s as good as it’s going to get. In Los Angeles, I can get load time down to about 3 seconds with high-speed Internet. The page source takes the longest, as it’s not cached.

When I look at your site, I don’t see any indication that users need to log in or provide any content. If this is the case, then you can create a Page Rule to Cache Everything. But set up a couple of Page Rules before that to exclude caching for wp-admin and/or wp-login.

Personally, I use a Caching Worker for Wordpress that does a great job of caching page content:

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