How to avoid several reCAPTCHA check while utilizing WARP VPN

I use Safari with Google search engine on Macbook Pro 13" M1 Chip (2020 model).
Whenever I open a tab on Safari for searching any contents while turning on WARP, google reCAPTCHA check always comes.
WARP Version: 2022.4.114.0 (20220407.11)
reCAPTCHA comes every time I open a new tab, saying unusual traffic from my network.
It is very frustrating.
When I turn off WARP, it does not come.

Is there any way to avoid these ever-coming reCAPTCHA check on my safari while turning on WARP.
(Please do not tell me to turn off WARP for surfing. A lot of websites are banned/blocked in my country.)

Thanks ahead.

That’s more or less reCAPTCHA doing what reCAPTCHA is supposed to do.

You’re coming from the address of a VPN/proxy and those are treated as suspicious - since they’re often used by bots or spammers - and therefore you’re served with more captchas than usual.

There isn’t anything you can really do to fix that.