How to avoid CNAME flattening

What is being displayed on my DNS panel now on Cloudflare goes like this

the 1st record: cname to (already put on Cloudflare with a flattening mark)
the 2nd record: cname to (already put on Cloudflare with no mark)

however, the 1st record is nowhere to be found on my CNAME server which is

Through trial and error it seemed to have occured to me that all this drama had something to do with CNAME Flattening.

If the flattening is on, the record will not function

If the flattening is off, the record will work

How do I find a way address this


If CNAME flattening could be turned off - I believe your record would not work. The name of the DNS record is the root zone, and because “A CNAME record is not allowed to coexist with any other data” per RFC 1912 (the root zone has an SOA record), CNAME flattening is required if you want to CNAME at the root.

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