How to automate Upload of data in R2 Bucket?

I actually want to implement or use any automated process to upload files to my R2 Bucket, without to always have to login to the Dashboard or use rclone option. The way that the Dashboard only allow a limit of Data upload is a little bit disturbing.
The goal of this new alternative that i’m look for is to allow people with no ideas about Clouflare R2 and rclone to easy upload data(and big data) to the R2 Bucket Storage.
Can every one propose me any solution please?
Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

May I suggest Cloudflare Workers which enables serverless execution environments, allowing you to create custom applications or augment existing ones without infrastructure management. This can be used to create a custom upload endpoint that interacts directly with your R2 bucket, eliminating the need for manual login or rclone usage.

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