How to apply filters during DDoS Attack to prevent Bots accessing websites?

My website is being attacked by DDos since last many days due to which all the resources of hosting are being fully used due to which all my websites which are added in hosting have gone down.

When I talked to the support, they told me to use Cloudflare’s under attack mode feature as well as to add filters. So as per their instructions, I enabled the under attack mode but I am not able to understand how to add filters. So I need your help in this regard. Can you add filters for me so that fake requests or bots cannot access my website so that hosting resources are not used and my website does not go down?

Hi @TheSingh

When the y say to add filters, I believe the mean that you should create custom firewall rules and rate limiting rules.

Also make sure that you activate bot fight mode.

When creating custom firewall rules, you can start by creating a firewall rule where you block all continents/countries where you do not have customers from.

But if you are experiencing an attack, then you need to find out where the attack is coming from and where it is going, then you can create a custom firewall rule where you e.g. give a managed challenge to host name contains YOUR_HOST_NAME and country is in EXAMPLE_CHINA and path contains THE_PATH_UNDER_ATTACK

We also have these tutorials about preventing an attack and how to secure your application

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