How to apply csr

a vendor asked us to create an A record under our domain name that points to their server.
I know how to do that part, but they also asked us to apply a csr that they provided to that A record.
Can someone point me to correct way to do this?


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Hi there,

A CSR is a certificate signing request - Certificate signing request - Wikipedia - this is used to generate a TLS/SSL certificate for your domain with a Certificate Authority (like LetsEncrypt, Digicert).

You cannot apply a CSR to an A record, what you would need to do with the CSR is generate a certificate with a Certificate Authority, and then once you have the SSL/TLS certificate from the authority - you can install the certificate on the web server that your A record points too.

Hope this helps.


thank you for clarifying. I knew that a cert can only apply to a server or to a trusted client, not to DNS record, but I figured maybe I better ask.
Our vendor is mistaken, you cannot apply cert to the cloudflare. what they peobably mean is that they want to apply cert to SFTP client that will connect to their server.

I think that person that was telling us this was just relaying the message and he relay wrong information.
Thanks again for this sanity check.

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