How to apply CDN to Subdomains & Directories


So I need some help with the subdomains and directories. I have installed two programs in two different directories for example “” & “”. The issue im facing here is that the SSL is not applicable to these directory programs but SSL has been applied to the root domains

So I tried installing letsencrypt’s SSL again on the root domain and SSL still doesnt apply to the directory domains. Further, I have also noticed that the main domain is super speed with the Cloudflare but the subdomains and these directories arent that speed.

Main Domain:
Directory Domain :
Directory Domain :

Subdomain Issue:

The subdomain has Letsencrypt’s SSL and its working only when accessed through but SSL fails to work when accessed through How can I fix this?

  1. You don’t have “Always Use HTTPS” enabled in the TLS/SSL section of the Cloudflare dashboard.
  2. The ecom directory redirects to HTTP. This will cause a redirect loop if you enable #1. You need to disable this -> HTTP redirect.
  3. The DoliBusiness directory doesn’t redirect to HTTP (that’s good), so the setting I mentioned in #1 should fix it.

Thank you for addressing my concern.

I have turned on the " Always use HTTPS" and the site went down. I believe that would get fixed if I follow Step 2 and 3. But im confused where do I need to disable HTTP redirect.

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