How to always redirect to https

Hi everyone

I have a problem. I can not get the traffic to a website is only by https. I already activated “Always Use HTTPS” and I can still get to the website by typing http.

the site in question is:

I appreciate your help

Try using page rules

That looks like an IPFS site. Here’s a similar topic:

Sir, thank you for the help. I’m new around here. Where do I find this that suggests me

Are you using Cloudflare IPFS gateway?

Yes sir

Check out this guide

I did it, but it doesn’t work. I put an email telling the case.

The case number is: 2270247

The site is hosted on IPFS.

I’ve put that ticket into the escalation queue.

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At this time, we’ve added a rule on our end for We are working towards making this something a user can do normally in the future.