How to allow access while security testing?

Hello! Have searched through previous posts and can’t find exactly what I’m after.

I’m having my site grey-box tested. The security team have asked for access to Cloudflare (or to disable it) while the test is happening. I’d rather give access than disable, but can’t work out where I do this.

Does anyone know please?

Thanks in advance


Hi Lizzie,

Enterprise customers can invite members and give them specific roles/permissions. Free, Pro and Business customers can also invite members, but they will always have full administrator access. In either case you can do it here:

If you know what IPs they’ll use for testing, you can create an IP Access Rule to ensure their requests aren’t blocked by Cloudflare. This will keep your site protected while the test is performed.

Thanks so much Albert. I chose ‘allow’ and ‘all websites in account’ - so I guess that’s done!

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