How to allow access from any country?

I can’t access my websites from any other countries outside of north america

please help !!!

I need it to be accessible from all over the world…

thank you

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It does load from all over the world. Some regions get occasional server errors, but it generally works. How are you testing this?


thank you ! for your reply and link .

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how can I resolve this error message


You don’t have permission to access / on this server.

I"m in france right now and I cannot access the site other than with VPN in USA
thank you

That’s not a Cloudflare error. Something on your server is blocking access. Check your server logs. It’s also possible your host is doing some sort of blocking.

Sitemeer’s results vary. My first time, both UK attempts failed with a 403 Forbidden. This time, one worked and the other didn’t.

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I can confirm from UK - I get forbidden, but if I VPN to US, it loads OK.

Which IP address were you hitting?

Not sure - on mobile … Will confirm on desktop later.

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Is working for me now on both desktop and mobile. Sitemeer is still showing temperamental though…

I can access it on from UK, but Sitemeer can’t…

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That’s the same result as mine. Blocked for 179.

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